Man Basics

Man Basics

419 Gentry St. - 104 Spring TX


Man Basic is just that, no-frills products designed by men for men. We no only produce all-natural products, but we use them in our totally chill barber services. Come in and visit us for a straight razor shave, beard trim, or hair cut.

All of our beard oils and beard balms are 100% all-natural ingredients. Why use a harsh chemical (like so many of the “big guys” out there) when using a natural ingredient will work just as well. Stick to the basics.

Come in, have a drink, get cut, get some beard oil, get on with your day. Oh, and since you can book online you know you won’t be waiting half the day for your turn to get serviced.


Business Type: Barber Shop

Main Products: Men's cuts, shave, beard products

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