Address Directory

Map and Address Directory

219 Main St

A&B Nails
26438 Lexington Rd

Adam the Avon Man
400 Main St

Advanced Shooting Solutions
406 Main St

Advance Tax Service of Greater Houston
318 Main St

Advent Presbyterian Church
903 Spring Cypress Rd

Alexander Academy
625 Brandt St

Amish Home Furnishings
609 Spring Cypress Rd

A Needle and Thread
315 Gentry St C2

Armadillo Escape Room
417 Gentry St, E & F

Art Glass Jewelry
302 Gentry St

Atraxia Health
26315 Preston St, A

Award America
200-6 Noble St

Belly of the Beast
26510 Border St

BeU Boutique
315 Gentry St

Blackhouse Cigars
318 Gentry St

Blue Buffalo Mercantile
217 Main St

Bohemian Attic
310 Main St

Breen’s Florist
921 Spring Cypress Rd

British Market
218-220 Gentry St

Buzzards Barbershop
211 Midway St, H

218 Main St, B

Celtic Odyssey
123 Midway St, C

Chakra Shop & Tarot
315 Gentry St

201 Midway

Classical Music of Spring
26509 Keith St

Colletti Threads
26303 Preston Ave

Connie’s Bath Shack
211 Midway St, E

Corkscrew BBQ
26608 Keith St

Cousin’s Glass Art
26307 W Hardy Rd

Crazy Mama’s
26303 Preston Ave, E

Creations Market and Workshop
311 Main St

Creative Therapy & Coaching Center
326 Noble St

Crystal Lynn Photography/Noble St Studios
240 Noble St

C. Schmidt & Sons
119 Midway St

Cupcake Fabrics Quilts/Bernina Sewing
219 Gentry St

Cutters Canyon
216 Gentry St

Doll Hospital
419 Gentry #102

Don Quixote Home Decor
113 Midway St

The Dug Out
211 Midway St

Ellen’s Cafe
307 Gentry St

Elm & Magnolia
206 Magnolia St

Emmy’s Sweet Shoppe
315 Gentry St

Envy Wine Room
126 Midway St

Excalibur Brewing
26510 Border St, A

Executive Texas Realty
417 Gentry St, D

Farmhouse Inspired
421 Gentry St, 204

Feign Boutique
204 Main St

Fiancée Bridal
200 Main St

Fiora Fine Crafts Gallery
134 Main St

Fire Station
26511 Preston Ave

Fun Gifts and Treasures
315 Gentry St, B2

German Gift House
210 Gentry St, B

Glow Worm Books
311 1/2 Main St

Golden Gypsies
214 Main St

Granny’s Tamales
417 Gentry, B

Greystone Real Estate
318 Main St, G

GRS Creations
302 Main St

Gypsy Rose
100 Midway St

The Hair Gypsy
218 Noble St

Hair Wunderbar
701 Spring Cypress Rd

Hat People
213 Main St

Haven Community Church
315 Main St

Hochzeit Hall
427 Gentry St

Houdini’s Lock and Security
406 1/2 Main St

Immanuel Lutheran
26501 Border St

Impressive Inks
219 Main St, A

Indigo Hair Studio
26303 Preston Ave, A

Izzie’s Jewels
419 Gentry St, 104

Jailhouse Saloon
310 Preston St

JJ’s Closet
322 Gentry St, A

The Junk Between Us
26408 Preston Ave

Just for the Birds
209 Main St

Just Quality Antiques
118 Midway St

Kakadz Salon
514 Spring Cypress Rd

Kate Turner Counseling
240 Noble St, A

K&D Design
419 Gentry St, 105

Keekee’s Flower Gifts
211 Midway St, G

Keller Candle
211 Midway St, F

KLSS Landing Survey
315 Gentry St, C5

Kristian Lala Photography
317 Gentry St D1B

Lana Williams Gallery
26407 Preston Ave

La’Vie Boutique
317 Gentry St D1B

Lavonne Hair Studio
326 Main St

Little Dutch Girl
210 Gentry St

LMN Rustic Décor
202 Main St

Loose Caboose BBQ
26403 Preston Ave

Lucky Dog Grooming
26303 Preston Ave, C

Mallott’s Hardware and Variety
115 Midway St

Man Basics
419 Gentry St, 104

Maquillage Pro Beauty
419 Gentry St, 201

Martha Gene
317 Gentry St, D1A

Milena’s Bridal
702 Spring Cypress Rd

Moore Time
202 Main St, A

My Event Angels
26615 Keith St

My Picqasso
123 Main St

Neroli Reflexology by Maria
213 Main St, B

Noble St Tattoo
26515 Preston Ave

Old Town Spring Tasting Room
206 Main St

Olha Seniw Photography
318 Main St, H

On a Whim
211 Midway St

On a Whim Children
211 ½ Midway St

Perfectly Vintage
218 Main St, A

Pierce and Belle at Home
222 Gentry St

Piggott Music
220 Noble St

Plane & Level Wine Bar
203 Midway St

Polished Salon
26303 Preston Ave, B

Popps Popcorn
317 Gentry St

Pretty and Pierced
417 Gentry St, C

Princess Bridal Off the Rack
119 Main St

Prohibition Texas
26420 Preston Ave

100 Main St

Purly Girls Yarn Shop
702 Spring Cypress Rd, A

Rebel Birth Education & Resource Haven
26600 Keith St

Reclaimed Leather
209 Midway St

Ridgemont Academy
417 Gentry St

RTB Barbershop
111 Main St

Salon Elan
318 Main St, F

Sam’s Antiques
103 Main St

Sassy Sisters Boutique
315 Gentry St, C3

Secret Hair Extensions
26411 Preston Ave

Shaggy Dog Parlor
318 Main St, D

Shop Fur Paws
315 Main St

Silver Smith
213 Midway St, A

Simply Beauty Artistry
26504 Preston Ave

Simply Texas Gourmet Foods
219 Main St

The Social Knitwork
26511 Keith St

Soul Essence
200 Noble St, 4

So Veganly
26515 Preston Ave

Spa La Paws
314 Main St

Space City Audio
123 Main St

Spirit Quest Center
303 Main St

Spotted Pony
102 Midway St

Spring Cottage Gallery
211 Midway St, N

Spring Donuts
708 Spring Cypress Rd

Spring Historical Museum
403 Main St

Spring Masonic Lodge
26514 Preston Ave

Spring Therapy
326 1/2 Noble St, B

Susy’s Stuff
313 Main St

The Teacher Creature Store
315 Gentry St, A1

Tea Kettle Café
123 Midway St, A

110 Main St

Thomas Kinkade at PTL Gallery
318 Main St, A

Thyme Square Weddings
200 Noble St

Tolleson & Nash Attorneys
26510 Keith St

Treehouse Art Gallery
211 Main St

Trilogy Brew
417 Gentry St, C

TWFG Insurance
218 Noble St, 1A

TRIK Motorsports
612 Spring Cypress Rd

Twisted Fit
318 Main St, E

Twisted Sisters Nutrition Shack
200-2 Noble St

Valero Gas Station
617 Spring Cypress Rd

Vintage Inspired Interiors
315 Gentry St, A2

Visiting Angels/Senior Care
218 Noble St, 2

Walking Horse Gallery
219 Main St

WAS Boutique
26602 Keith St

Why Not Toys
319 Gentry St

Wild Violet Artisan Studio
130 Main St

Willow + Ash
107 Main St, 8330

Wunsche Bros
103 Midway St

Wyrick Design
421 Gentry St, 206

Xinnia Photography
318 Main St, B

Zeugma Art Bits
314 Main St, A